Tea Favoino


Tea Favoino is a Manager at WTS R&A Studio Tributario. She has specialized in international tax issues with significant experience in Transfer Pricing since 2016. She has developed her skills in multinational firms, as Deloitte and KPMG. She provides tax assistance mainly to companies belonging to multinational groups and operating in different sectors, such as automotive, food, apparel, luxury, industrial and biotechnology. She assists clients in tax audits, international tax planning and supply chain restructuring.


Chartered Accountant
Statutory Auditor

Professional Background

WTS R&A Studio Tributario


Planning, enhancement and implementation of Multinational Group’s TP policy
International Tax Planning
Supply chain restructuring
Mandatory disclosure and Cooperative compliance in Transfer Pricing



Tea Favoino
Tea FavoinoManager
WTS R&A Studio Tributario
Corso Re Umberto 10
10121 Torino

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