Financial Services

The importance of the Financial Services sector brings with it a very broad regulatory and administrative context, especially in the case of cross-border activities. Stakeholders have to be able to gather, consolidate and transmit huge amounts of sensitive data quickly, easily and in a secure and auditable form, to any tax authorities and clients.

WTS R&A can support your company, operating in the international financial services industry, with a full range of national and cross-border tax law services, covering:

  • income tax, corporate tax, value added tax or withholding tax in a national or international context
  • credit institutions or insurance companies, capital management companies for securities or real estate, private equity or hedge funds or infrastructure funds, custodian banks or fund administrators
  • private or institutional investors or family offices
  • ongoing compliance and business partnering as part of long-term or short-term project consulting in individual cases
  • tax structuring or tax compliance on the asset side of a collective investment model or on the investor side of such a vehicle for funds
  • digitalization of tax-related operational tasks or the actual filing of tax returns

Our firm covers the following financial services sub-industries:

  • asset management
  • insurance
  • real estate
  • leasing and financing

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