Global Mobility

Global Mobility

Cross border mobility of employees is a need for companies and an opportunity for talent, but there is the need to face the barrier of non-standardized State rules concerning individual taxation, social security, immigration and employment law.

Our global mobility team assists foreign employees working in Italy as well as Italian employees temporarily working abroad. We help you identify the most appropriate set up, taking into account tax and social security obligations for the parties involved.

The range of services encompasses the planning, structuring and implementation of international cross-border employment:

  • arrival/departure briefings;
  • factual assessment of residence for tax purposes;
  • advisory on the tax processing of employment income in the source State and resident State
  • withholding tax obligations for the employer (and the economic employer, in secondments)
  • social security options and implications
  • drafting of secondment agreements and tax equalization
  • support in local compliance (tax identification number, tax returns, tax payments)

Since this service includes all areas of the cross-border taxation of individuals, it also takes advantage from the experience gained in private client engagements. This means that we can support you in the selection of the most favorable regime within the array of options provided by current Italian legislation and in the reporting obligation for new residents who have maintained financial assets or property in the Country of origin or elsewhere. We also provide advisory on inheritance and gift tax issues, and in various niche areas such as sports, performing arts and cryptocurrency transactions.

With representatives in over 100 countries, the WTS Global team offers local expertise on a global scale.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss the set-up of your next cross-border employment package.

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