Environmental Sustainability Strategies

Environmental Sustainability Strategies

In our rapidly evolving world , including the issue of sustainability in one’s business strategy is no longer an option. This is how your company will change its overall risk profile, mitigating and minimizing potential obstacles that could slow down success in the long run.

Sustainability has clear financial and risk mitigation benefits, particularly in the following areas:

  1. capital performance, since sustainability increases efficiency and reduces costs
  2. equity risk profile, improving the likelihood of stability and growth in share value
  3. influence on shareholders’ assessment of value drivers
  4. value of the “soft-intangible” that do not appear in the company’s financial statements, such as leadership, transparency, human capital, organization and workplace culture.

WTS R&A supports your company in the development of your corporate sustainability strategy by offering the following services:

  1. development of a clear and global strategic vision that integrates social, environmental and economic dimensions
  2. identification of corporate priorities and aims and agreement on material sustainability issues involving potential threats and strategic opportunities for the company
  3. assessment of whether sustainability issues are currently considered as part of strategic planning and product development
  4. assessment of the internal processes used in the company to manage sustainable strategic changes
  5. ensuring that the strategic opportunities posed by sustainability issues are included along with other strategic business issues that influence the company’s strategy
  6. ensuring engagement with key external stakeholders to reach a broader consensus
  7. supporting your company throughout the entire project with its sustainability transitions.

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