Start-ups and Innovative SMEs

Start-ups and Innovative SMEs

Innovation is the essence of development: in recent years, thanks to the increased attention of public opinion, innovation is also often associated with sustainability.

Innovative start-ups began gathering attention of Italian legislators in 2012, stimulated by several initiatives taken by the EU in previous years; a complex regulatory framework has thus been created for the sector, both with regard to start-ups and innovative SMEs, a sector that WTS R&A has followed and grown used to over time.

Our firm supports innovative start-ups and innovative SMEs with corporate and tax consultancy activities but also with organizational and management services, insofar as, it is possible to initially set up the proper legal entity on the basis of the business idea; then the idea must be consolidated and become interesting for market stakeholders, as well as for any potential investors.

WTS R&A will disclose to you the steps to be taken for optimum growth in order to achieve the goals shared in the shortest possible time, by identifying effective tools and methods within the current legislation, also with reference to expansion phases and the search for financing partners.

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