Private Clients & Family Office Services

Private Clients & Family Office Services

Not only businesses may have a global reach, but also individuals and their families.

Private clients have very specific, individual demands when it comes to tax assistance and consulting, and expect to receive effective and multidisciplinary advisory at a local level and in cross-border matters. Overall, they appreciate advisors who understand and respect the definitive and long-term vision of the family, the asset strategy and the interaction between family and business.

At WTS R&A Studio Tributario, we can support you in a wide range of subject matters, dealing with your specific questions. We are open to cooperation with professionals and private bankers of your choice, and are inspired by the aim of providing integrated solutions, minimizing your need to bridge advice in different fields of knowledge.

Our services include:

  • tax residence assessment and relocation
  • choice, assessment and updating of ownership structures, including foundations, trust, family holding or asset companies
  • tax compliance and asset disclosure support
  • gift and inheritance tax advice and estate planning, also where multiple jurisdictions are involved
  • generational business transfer
  • tax optimization of domestic and foreign investments
  • tax implications of investment in works of art,
  • calculating benefits from charitable giving for different social, art, cultural and educational purposes

We also support private clients in the choice of elective regimes, in particular of the new Italian resident regime, the foreign pensioners package and the inpatriate allowance for employed or self-employed professionals.

We are closely linked to the partner firms of WTS Global in more than 100 countries, thus forming part of a truly multinational private client team. Our proposal includes the WTS – QPLIX asset controlling tool, an IT solution which delivers real-time, daily available information on all liquid and illiquid asset classes, sophisticated performance and risk measurement, integrated tax or IFRS data.

Please feel free to contact us and explore our unique approach to individual and family tax matters.

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