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WTS R&A Studio Tributario is a professional tax consultancy firm supporting multinational groups, medium-sized enterprises and private clients, with offices in Milan, Turin and Verona. We are a Member Firm of WTS Global, a global consulting network present in more than 100 countries around the world.

Our best-performing areas are tax consultancy at a national and international level, extraordinary transactions, litigation and out-of-court settlement of disputes as well as supply chain taxation (transfer pricing, VAT, customs duties and others indirect taxes). In order to avoid conflicts of interest, we do not perform auditing services. Our clients mainly consist of multinational groups, national and international medium enterprises, investment funds and financial intermediaries.

WTS R&A Studio Tributario is a know-how organization, on the one hand, open and aimed at the world of business and institutions, and academia (where it invests in scientific research and the promotion of new talents), on the other hand. The firm has structured a governance model based on  specialization – collaboration model. This is a model based on attention to detail, which aims to reward professionalism and merit, the ability to deal with client issues as their own, transforming them into opportunities. This approach has been rewarding for making the firm a “consulting boutique” capable of generating innovative ideas applicable to our clients’ business models in a historical period of great change. The Firm deals with all those issues which need highly specialized advice in business and tax law and economics, supporting managers and entrepreneurs in their strategic decisions.

Our values


We are a trustworthy partner to our clients and we build a long-term cooperation relationship. We provide proper, prompt, effective and responsible support to our clients, helping them to identify the most appropriate solution for their specific tax matters.


We provide high-level and up-to-date professional advisory and quality services, based on what our clients need. We have extensive expertise in different industries and in tax matters in international, cross-border and local dealings. We offer integrated solutions, aimed at providing an integrated processing of tax variables, also with the support of tax experts in the different countries involved, thanks to our international network.


We are simply passionate about knowledge, carrying out our work in the best way and the identification of the most suitable solutions on a case-by-case basis. Being passionate about our work makes us highly motivated, enthusiastic and committed to our clients and our team members and ready to get engaged in new services and specializations for the benefit of our clients.

Client – oriented

Our main purpose is to serve our clients in the best possible way, possibly by anticipating their needs and satisfying them with our work. We contribute to business management and development plans, supporting managers and entrepreneurs in their most important decisions with customized solutions and services.
We deal with client issues as our own and transform them into opportunities.


We are a dynamic and informal work environment that combines specialization and collaboration. We strongly endeavor to maintain a strong collaborative spirit between us and with our stakeholders.

Our clients

Multinational Enterprises (MNE)
We support Multinational Groups in handling their international tax matters. With the support and cooperation of the WTS Global worldwide network, we assist both multinational companies based in Italy in the specific tax matters they face considering their international presence, and foreign multinational groups in handling local tax matters.

Local and International Small and Medium Enterprises
We have broad experience in supporting small and medium enterprises in their local growth and process of internationalization, considering the associated specific challenges they face. We support both local companies in projects both local and abroad ,as well as Italian subsidiaries of foreign multinational enterprises.

Permanent Establishments in Italy of Foreign Undertakings
We provide a full range of services, ranging from support in the detection of possible permanent establishment risk to support in the establishment procedure and ongoing tax consultancy and advice.

We endorse innovation and sustainability by providing targeted consultancy and assistance to start-up companies in their set-up and go live process.

Non-resident Companies
We support non-resident companies in handling specific tax matters in Italy, such as direct VAT registration procedure and related compliance, VAT refund claims, withholding tax claims, etc.

Private Clients, Inpatriated and Expatriates
We assist entrepreneurs, foundations, NGOs or private clients on tax issues in Italy. We are also focused on specific taxation in the case of expatriates/inpatriates, support in case of generational change, and related planning.

What makes us unique

The new challenges of international trade have made it essential to coordinate the different profiles of the supply chain, i.e. in particular transfer pricing, VAT, customs duties and other indirect taxes. It is only in this manner that resources are optimized, possible risks are prevented and above all new opportunities arise, determined, for example, by the implementation of integrated flows, including chain flows, the use of consignment stock contracts or the use of VAT or customs warehouses.

This is why at WTS R&A we offer integrated solutions at an international level, with a project management model able to coordinate between the different countries involved.

A clear outline of our business areas (for example the choice not to take on audit positions), our specialization in tax matters, carried out also in the academic field, and a strong collaborative spirit between us and with our stakeholders are the elements that have strongly characterized the development of WTS R&A.
Our clients today face an international scenario that is much more than just the result of the combination of local systems. Our winning approach is a more integrated processing of tax variables.

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