Silvia Rolfo


Silvia Rolfo is a Chartered accountant and auditor. She is certified Law Court advisor and has achieved a consolidated experience in tax and company law, with a particular stress on start up and new investment advice, accounting principles, drafting and review of financial statements, company and share evaluation, corporate restructuring and tax litigation. She has been statutory auditor in several companies and cooperates with public organizations in relation to the creation and the launch of news businesses. She currently works in Italian and French.


Chartered Accountant
Office technical consultant (Consulente Tecnico d’Ufficio) at the Court of Turin

Professional Background

Co-founder, in 2004, of WTS R&A Studio Tributario
Founding partner, in 2001, of Sirò S.r.l.
Previous ten-year collaboration with leading Turin professional firms


Tax law and company law
Accounting principles, drafting and review of financial statements
Assessment of companies and shares, reorganizations



Silvia Rolfo
Silvia RolfoPartner
WTS R&A Studio
TributarioCorso Re Umberto 10
10121 Torino

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