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How you can progress with us

We want you to flourish and develop both personally and professionally with us. We will support you in achieving your career goals, because your success is the foundation for the successful development of the WTS Global network.

We need motivated and well qualified employees who feel comfortable with us and bring interesting development perspectives. This is why personnel and management development is such a high priority for us.

We increase your competencies

“As the largest independent tax network, we depend on the first-class competency of our employees. In the interests of our clients, we demand excellence. To meet this demand, we invest in comprehensive training for our teams.”

Fritz Esterer, Chairman of the WTS Global Board

To communicate well with clients, as a consultant in our network requires more than just comprehensive expertise, you will be assigned responsibility and asked to work with our clients. Your communicative skills, entrepreneurial know-how and project management or leadership knowledge will be a great asset in doing so.

We have introduced an international leadership training program, which is attended by prospective partners from all over the world, who come to strengthen their own personal leadership style and be introduced to leadership positions in the international network.

“It is amazing, even though we all come from different cultures and corporate backgrounds, it really feels like being part of one company. We share the same values and have the same aspirations. I believe this is because WTS Global selects its members very carefully.”

Erika Yumi Tukiama, Partner at Machado Associados Brazil

and participant of the WTS Global Leadership Training, June 2017 in Amsterdam

We discuss your individual development with you and support you in many different areas, from communication and soft skills through to leadership and project management, supplemented with specialist programs.

Global Exchange

International cooperation within our WTS Global network is the key to our success. This is why we promote cross-border cooperation and communication through a secondment program. We consider such exchange programs as a special opportunity for global talent development, as a means to transfer specialist expertise and keep our global network strong. The inspiration and learning opportunities that come from it allow employees to quickly expand their knowledge and skills.

We also offer a top-level global leadership development program in order to promote young talent and strengthen common management understanding at global level.

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