Quality, Process and Risk Management

Top Quality – the WTS mission statement describes our quality requirements both as a leading tax network and in our selection of global network partners. We have introduced a global quality management system and team which have four key objectives:

1. Increasing client satisfaction
2. Increasing employee satisfaction
3. Risk minimization / Compliance
4. Increasing efficiency / Profitability

Secure and efficient processes are continuously developed and remain the focus of the Quality, Process and Risk Management at WTS.

Why Quality Management?

Our quality management system helps us learn from mistakes – only when we identify improvement potentials at an early stage, can we realize them. For this purpose, every global network partner is committed to the minimum standards defined below:

  • No consultancy without mandate contract – clearly regulated services, remuneration and liability
  • One representative for each client – clear contacts and central contacts
  • (First) Confirmation within 24 hours
  • Reliable deadline controls
  • Unified presentation/structure of the work results
  • Four-eyes principle and clear signature rules
  • Clear rules for the documentation and archiving of files as well as handling of original documents
  • Adequate training and development opportunities for employees
  • Uniform exterior appearance
  • Careful selection and monitoring of local network partners

With the minimum standards identified above, our Quality, Process and Risk Management team are enabled to do the following:

  • Identify potential improvements through a structured process;
  • Cooperate with our network partner employees on these; and
  • Develop new and innovative solutions.

This invariably leads to a culture that perceives errors and opportunities very early on and constructively handles them. Thus, WTS advertently becomes a learning organization constantly evolving with innovative top quality solutions to processes and procedures. This has a positive effect on our network partner employees as well as their relationship with their clients.

Professional Standards Set the Framework for Quality Management

As a leading tax network, we subject ourselves to strict professional international standards:

  • The tax advisory and legal firms of the WTS network are subject to the strict and comprehensive obligations of their respective professional rights
  • Duties and responsibilities (professionalism), e.g. criminal duties (such as professional secrecy) exist personally for all network partners, employees and other assistants of the WTS Global network
  • Core professional duties for all lawyers, tax consultants, auditors and professional firms are independence, self-responsibility, conscientiousness and secrecy
  • There are also numerous other professional requirements which are implemented throughout WTS Global network. These range from general diligence to training requirements to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • WTS professionals are qualified and experienced professionals of tax and legal services

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