WTS R&A Studio Tributario is a tax advisory firm with offices in Milan, Turin and Verona. We are Member Firm of WTS Global, an international consulting network present in more than 100 countries around the world.

WTS R&A Studio Tributario's practices of excellence are transfer pricing consultancy, litigation and tax disputes settlement procedures, supply chain taxation (VAT, customs duties and other indirect taxes). In order to avoid conflicts of interest, we do not carry out auditing services. Our clients mainly consist of multinational groups, national and international medium-sized companies, investment funds and financial intermediaries.

WTS R&A Studio Tributario is today a know-how organization, open and aimed at the world of business and institutions - on the one hand - and academia (where it invests in scientific research and the promotion of new talents), on the other. The firm has structured a governance model based on the binomial specialization - collaboration. A model based on attention to detail, which aims to reward professionalism and merit, the ability to feel customer problems as their own, transforming them into opportunities. This approach has been rewarding for making the firm a consulting boutique capable of generating innovative ideas applicable to our clients' business models in a historical period of great change. The Firm deals with all those issues that are halfway between law and economics, supporting managers and entrepreneurs in the most important decisions.

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