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24-04-2015 - Advanced course on business taxation

An advanced course on business taxation is proposed  in Verona in collaboration with Andaf (National association of administrative and financial directors). 

The first date is June 5th, 2015 on the "National tax consolidation". The second date is June 12th, 2015, on various issues related to international taxation (Transfer pricing: Recent developments on documentation and litigation; Foreign subsidiaries: analysis model of the subsidiaries; Intercompany transactions and risk of permanent establishment; Black list costs after the Stability Law 2015). Both sessions can be attended also remotely (webinar).

The speakers will be Paolo Dragone (Dragone e Associati - Studio tributario e societario - Verona - Member of the Technical Tax Committee Andaf), Rodolfo Valacca (Member of the Technical Tax Committee Andaf - Milano) and Giovanni Rolle (WTS).


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